Monday, June 29, 2015

Deucalion - Noah for Greeks plus stone birth

Apparently history is full of gods destroying the Earth with floods accompanied by a select group who made a zoo ark. There are apparently 3 of them: Deucalion, Noah, and Utnapishtim.

Deucalion has a particularly prestigious lineage because he is the son of Prometheus. I was unable to determine if Prometheus begat Deucalion before, during, or after being chained to a rock as punishment for giving us fire. I prefer to think that it was during. I'm sure that he really needed comfort during that time due to the annoying liver consuming eagle that kept bothering him. (Big shout out to Heracles for getting rid of that eagle.)

After the flood, everyone else was dead. This concerned the 82 year old Deucalion because repopulating the Earth by protracted incest was not something he was into. (Presumably Noah was ok with it.) So, after consulting an Oracle (presumably one that had been on the ark) he found out that he and his wife needed to toss rocks over their shoulders. His wife's rocks turned into women. Deucalion's rocks turned into men.

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