Friday, June 12, 2015

Denis, Saint - a horseless headless horseman

Denis, Saint was a persistent fellow. In 250 AD he annoyed pagan priests by converting too many people to Christianity. Up with that they would not put, so they lopped off his head.

Some people, after beheading, decide to haunt the area of their death and kill anyone who crosses their path. Although the beheading irritated Denis, he simply decided to give people a good talking to.

He picked up his head and walked 10 kilometers (6 miles) across Paris while preaching repentance to anyone who decided to linger while a headless figure carrying a head strolled by. It's actually a pretty good viral marketing scheme. If a normal guy walks around preaching at you, most people would ignore them. If a headless guy starts preaching at you while holding their head like Alex Rogan did in The Last Starfighter, you'll probably pay attention. It certainly alarmed Louis! (That was Alex's kid brother.)

In 258 AD the Benedictine abbey of St. Denis was founded at the spot where Denis was no longer able to continue his stroll.

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