Tuesday, July 7, 2015

beard worm - These are the giant tube worms guarding our heavy water.

The beard worm (Siboglinidae) is a marine invertebrate that lives in tubes on seafloors throughout the world. The members of that family used to be known as the giant tube worms (Pogonophora). The worms never leave their tubes and are usually about 1 mm in diameter, but 10 to 75 centimeters long. The tubes are composed of chitin and are secreted by the glandular forepart of the worm.

The image above is actually of the Worms of Death from the classic 1980's cartoon G.I.Joe. Below you can see what a beard worm actually looks like:

The blu-ray IMAX Under the Sea 3D has some beautiful video of a field of worms living in holes and moving with the water in unison. They aren't tube worms, but they are sort of similar. I wasn't able to find a video clip from that movie, but here's one I did find:

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