Sunday, July 19, 2015

bear - something about pic-i-nic baskets

Brown bear
The family Ursidae--aka. bears--are closely related to dogs and raccoons. They are the most recently evolved carnivore, although not all bears are carnivores (e.g. Spectacle bears eat mostly plants). There are many types of bears that I hadn't heard of. Besides Brown, Panda, Black, and Polar, there are also Asian Black bears, Sun bears, Spectacled bears, Indian Sloth bears, and Syrian brown bears.

Asian black bear

Sun bear

Spectacled bear
Indian Sloth bear
Syrian brown bears

A few other notes. Bears use their feet like humans in a plantigrade fashion with heels on ground. They are good at climbing and swimming. Most enjoy honey and sleep through winter, but this apparently does not count as true hibernation. They live 15-30 years wild, but longer in captivity.

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