Monday, May 25, 2015

Ceaușescu, Nicolae - A jerk, but not actually a vampire.

Who do you think of when you hear about a communist leader who took a functioning country and restructured it so as to cause widespread famine? Mao is the one I knew about, and he probably killed far more people as a result, but there is another. This one managed to smash up Romania:

Ceaușescu, Nicolae Take some Mao, add a cup of Stalin, and add a dash of something charismatic like Putin, and you get Nicolae Ceaușescu. Not only was he a fiendish politician, but I'm pretty sure he chose his name to be difficult to spell. Even when I copy paste the name, the computer sometimes gets it wrong.

Sometimes I wonder why successful politicians work so hard to become supreme rulers. What percentage of authoritarian leaders actually live out their natural lives? I suppose every one of them thinks that they're special.

This guy spent the 1930's working his way up through the communist party so that by the 1960's he was the one in charge. He has some good ideas (hey, kick out those damn Russians) and some bad ideas (let's centralize everything and hope we don't screw up, and let's be super hardcore authoritarian bastards because helping people against their will is what everyone wants). The whole centralization thing resulted in massive debt due to mismanagement.

So your county is massively in debt. How to solve this? How about exporting all your unnecessary luxuries like food, medicine, and fuel? This genius step in the 1980's resulted in a totally unpredictable famine. Taking a page from Governor Jim Rhodes and the Kent State shootings, he decided to fire on some protesters in 1989. The military defected, and on Dec 25 (he knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!), Nicolae and his wife received bullets in the head as Christmas presents.

  • A-kue
    • A Chinese general,
  • a posteriori
    • knowledge is experience
  • Aaron
    • This was Moses' right hand man. For some reason I remember Moses doing all that stuff on his own, but apparently Aaron was supposed to have been there representing the priest class.
  • Aaron, Hank
    • For some reason, when I hear about big name baseball players, I assume they all played for the Yankees.  This one didn't. He played minor league baseball in Eau Claire, WI, and went on to play for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Braves (in two cities).
  • Abae
    • Greek town with Oracle and some ruins.
  • Abahai
    • Manchurian tribal leader who conquered China in the 1600's.
  • Abaiang Atoll
    • coral atoll of Gilbert islands
    • Discovered 1788 by Captain Thomas Gilbert (and, presumably, all the indigenous folks who were already there)
  • abalone
    • Marine snail

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